Assistance & Incentive Programs 
RG&E programs and incentives

RG&E offers incentives in the form of rate discounts and funding assistance to help make upstate New York State an attractive
place to do business. 
We intend to play a viable role in encouraging businesses
to remain in New York State and to attract new companies to our region.

After careful review of the program requirements, you may complete our online 
pre-application form. We will contact you to discuss your project.

Competitive Pricing
Under special tariffs, RG&E can provide negotiated prices to new customers or for qualified expansions by existing customers. Eligibility is contingent upon your having a competitive alternative to RG&E and minimum connected load.

Electricity Supply Pricing Options
You can choose to purchase your electricity supply from RG&E or an energy services company (ESCO). For more information and a list of ESCOs, visit

Pricing and Incentive Programs
Rate incentive programs are available to help make your expansion, relocation or continued operation in New York State as competitive as possible. Your RG&E economic development team will be happy to help you understand and capitalize on the program that works for you.

  • Excelsior Jobs Program
    Businesses that are approved and certified by the local New York State Empire State Development (“ESD”) may be eligible for discounted energy delivery rates for up to
    10 years, providing that the customer's certificate remains valid. Qualified load is electric demand (kW) or electric usage (kWh) depending on Service Classification,
    or natural gas usage (therms) that exceeds a predetermined baseline (historical) usage by 25%. For more information on the NYS Excelsior Jobs Program, visit their website,

RG&E Assistance Programs
RG&E has a variety of non-rate programs to assist you with your expansion, relocation and energy efficiency objectives:

  • Brownfield/Building Redevelopment Program
    Up to $500,000, on a per-project basis, to encourage the redevelopment of a brownfield site or vacant building. Funds are to be used for electric-related infrastructure improvements and may not be used for the remediation of the site.
  • Utility Infrastructure Investment Program
    Up to $400,000, on a per-project basis, for new electric-related facilities for existing
    or prospective customers with load of 100 kilowatts or more – if a minimum of
    $1 million has been invested in a new or expanding facility.
  • Capital Investment Incentive Program
    Up to $300,000 per project for capital investments of $1 million or more; to fund
    electric-related improvements on either RG&E-owned or customer-owned equipment. Minimum monthly incremental demand.
  • Business Energy Efficiency Assistance Program
    RG&E partners with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on several programs to encourage energy efficiency. Under these NYSERDA programs, the applicant will be required to make a financial contribution
    of at least 33.3% to the total investment made.

    Through NYSERDA’s Energy Audit Program, RG&E will provide up to 50% matching funds, ($10,000 maximum) toward the total investment made as a result of an energy audit. Through either NYSERDA’s Flexible Technical Assistance Program (Flex Tech) or New Construction Program, RG&E will pay up to 33.3% of the cost of a feasibility study or analysis, not to exceed $20,000 per study/analysis. If the applicant decides to make investments as a result of a study or analysis, RG&E will provide up to $50,000 toward the total investment made.
  • Economic Development Outreach Program
    RG&E may supplement other economic development funding, on a per-initiative basis, for strategic outreach initiatives that will primarily focus on attracting new business investment to the RG&E service area.
  • Power Quality/Reliability Program
    RG&E in consultation with the customer and/or their representatives, will pay up to 50% of equipment costs required for power reliability or quality improvements to be installed behind the meter with a maximum contribution of $50,000.

Please contact an RG&E economic development representative to check on the availability
of funding assistance under the rate incentive and assistance programs. Call us at 1.800.456.5153 or e-mail us.



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