Many of New York’s industries are supported by the region’s extensive system of vocational training programs, community colleges, and universities. The map shows the major manufacturing and service industries operating in upstate New York as well as the significant educational hubs which support these industries. See below for a description of New York State educational programs designed to keep the state on the cutting edge of your industry.

New York State’s Centers of Excellence
New York State’s Center’s of Excellence Program supports major upgrades of research facilities and other high technology and biotechnology capital projects, allowing colleges, universities and research institutions to secure research funding that will lead to new job creation. In total, these initiatives are expected to leverage new private sector and other contributions of more than $1 billion.

 Center of Excellence Programs  University
 Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology  Alfred University
 Center for Ultrafast Photonic Materials and Applications  City University of New York
 Center for Advanced Materials Processing  Clarkson University
 Center for Advanced Information Management  Columbia University
 Center for Biotechnology  Cornell University
 Center for Advanced Technology in Digital Multimedia  New York University
 Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications  Polytechnic Institute
 Center for Automation Technologies  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 Integrated Electronics Engineering Center  Binghamton University
 Center for Biotechnology  Stony Brook University
 CAT in Sensor Systems  Stony Brook University
 Center for Computer Applications
 and Software Engineering
 Syracuse University
 Center for Advanced Thin Film Technology  University at Albany
 Center for Advanced Biomedical
 and Bioengineering Technologies
 University at Buffalo
 CAT in Electronic Imaging Systems  University of Rochester /
 Rochester Institute of Technology